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Advanced Technology and Top production equipments are essential elements of a modern enterprise, they are also the guarantee of manufacuring excellent products.
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We work hard, efficiently in order to meet customers' requirements, We inprove our work continuously that make we linked with customer closely.

First Class Materials Detecting Center & Testing Lab can analysis products' physical structure and chemical properties accurately that will make sure products developed perfectly.

Development experiences, Professional design and quality control team, the industry's top company.


AUTOSONAL HOLDING CO.,LTD. Come from Ningbo Sonal Auto Parts Co,.Ltd. we had specialized in manufacture wheel accessories over 16 years.

AUTOSONAL has strong technical force, complete processing and testing methods, the establishment of a rigorous scientific quality system. Selected advanced CNC machine and 2000T forging equipment and quality testing equipment. Sealed plastic machine complete set of advanced technology capabilities.
AUTOSONAL's advanced equipment for quality, perfect service and development, focusing on technological innovation, the introduction of new technologies, new processes, and the domestic auto industry experts and research institutes in close cooperation, research and development of high-tech products, and continually enhance Product market competition, also has a number of professional and technical titles and high-quality engineering and technical personnel staff, honest and efficient work style and quality of service to meet the needs of users at home and abroad. products are exported around the world
AUTOSONAL has consistently adhered to "quality first, honesty, customer first, excellence," the purpose, dedication and customers around the world to develop friendly relations of cooperation, create brilliant. 

Autosonal Holding Co., Ltd.

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